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This Penthouse Exudes Sophistication & Panache from Every Aspect.

Updated: May 16, 2020

Ivy Residence by Architecture Discipline

The 780-square-meters penthouse located in The IVY, adjacent to the eminent “The Laburnum”, Gurgaon, exudes sophistication and panache from every aspect.

Wrapped up with frosted film, the glass entrance door provides some privacy to the family whilst giving a hint of the house to the visitors even before they enter. The glow of natural light on the door keeps varying throughout the day which gives it a transposable character.

Picture courtesy: Architecture Discipline

The double height bookshelf acts as a memory shelf exhibiting the owner’s collectibles. The entrance lobby is perspective driven wherein the bookshelf and the flooring pattern helps in exaggerating the sense of depth and pulls the eye of the visitor till the end of the hallway. Brass lamps are placed such that they further accentuate the linear movement. Next to the double height bookshelf in the entrance lobby is a study that maximizes daylight penetration and uses that for a dramatic effect to enhance the overall scale and experience of the apartment.

Picture courtesy: Humming Tree

An in-depth knowledge of materials and surfaces has provided the architect with the requisite tools to realize his unique vision of space planning. The material palette for walls includes distressed brass and concrete with gold finish in conjunction with stained oak herringbone and chevron flooring. The color palette of the carpets of the living room pivots between the shades of natural grey, ivory, indigo and grey metallic that gives the visitors a peek into the owner’s psyche-part trendy, full revolutionary. The house features a stunning neo-baroque interior with a decor that can be best described as festive, majestic and flamboyant.

Elements like Louis Ghost chairs, Goddard sofa for the living room, origami bowls for displaying items, pinch stools for triple height spaces and dome lamp 40; rhythmic pounded brass of the Thathera artisans is contrasted with the matt finish of the adjustable suspended dome of this pendant lamp that has a polished, reflective surface which takes on the characteristics of its surroundings which helps to maintain a modern-classic typology.

Picture courtesy: Architecture Discipline

Overlooking sits a red bench in the balcony on the first floor which complements the red and gold chairs of the dining table. Hand blown glass and cast glass light fixtures finished in brass for an extra touch of glamour lighten up the dining and living room. The bar is wedged between these two spaces instilling a feeling of openness and continuum throughout the first floor. Following an “eclectic luxury” approach that is both progressive and modern in nature, it creates an image that juxtaposes well designed modern architecture with motley works of furniture and art.

Picture courtesy: Architecture Discipline

The hallway opens out to a balcony with an under layer of split face cotta which is covered with large plants to cut out the stark sun. Seasoned pinewood encrusts the parapet walls and floor so as to hold the view. The balcony ventilates the middle of the house and also acts as a light well. The corrodent MS bowl in the terrace is purposely exposed to express its natural aesthetic. Next to it lies a corroded dining table similar to the formal one inside. In a refurbishment project, it is shape, light and color that must work seamlessly together to maximize space.

Picture courtesy: Architecture Discipline

The black painted staircase with a teak finish balustrade has various layers of paint beneath it. Layer upon layer, each coat has its own way, not particularly forcing it. Over the years, there’s a story to tell, a dialogue to be made and we’re all ears as we move onto the second floor. With the continuation of the bookshelf there is a sense of direction and focus on the master bedroom door made out of antique teak. Designed with solidity, stability and durability is the floor to ceiling floral upholstered headboard; a dark colored ground with pink and green flowers and leaves. Following the footsteps of the bookshelf and maintaining the connection between the public and private, the wardrobe separates the living and the bathroom of the master bedroom.

Picture courtesy: Architecture Discipline

It’s every child’s dream to have their ideal dream house in their very own bedroom. With a Goldilocks bed, an animated dressing table and a multi-colored timber painted headboard, the daughter’s bedroom blossoms straight out of a fairy-tale. Life is much more enjoyable the more of a creative spin you put into it; the more you get involved. The glass panel brings out the creative aspect of the kid leaving behind the conventional way of studying on a table-making it more playful and open to expressions. Bleached grey colored flooring expressed with nude lavender shades makes each distressed cut grain seem more realistic which makes it unforgettable. On the contrary, the flooring in the son’s room is science inspired and it has a painted teak bed with a blue acoustic wall behind it. With Cuddapah stone used for flooring and walls up to a dado, the bathrooms of the house are accessorized with gold-plated fixtures and Sabyasachi wallpapers to add some warmth and personality.

Picture courtesy: Architecture Discipline

Dominating the terrace and the pool is the den on the third floor which has an arresting character. The black and grey sofa sits strong in front of the sea green and dull gold finish wall. The den is placed higher than the other rooms so that the family can associate in peace. The resulting swish and unique residence, offering spectacular views is an oasis of calm in contrast to its bustling urban setting.

As the architect rightly says, “What’s a house without memories and some good energy?”

Project: Ivy Residence Location | Gurgaon, Haryana Firm: Architecture Discipline

Webstie: Principal Architect: Akshat Bhatt Design Team: Kashika Nanda Photography:Jeetin Sharma

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