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Jaipur-based Savana Living Drops Latest Collection of Chic Storage Solutions

Savana Living transforms chaos into order with their latest collection of chic storage solutions that declutter living spaces to create organised haven.

Organizing your home can be quite a cathartic experience: putting everything away, exactly where it belongs, each individual item in a designated spot with no clutter in sight. Savana Living’s latest space solutions not just help maintain a chaos free ambience but can grace any space with their soothing calm. Their core ethos of using meticulously designed products and mindful living merges with the idea of creating harmony in an ambience. When all your prized possessions have a place to call home it paves the way for a more mindful way of living. Tuck it Away Tucking everything behind closed cupboard doors and keeping things sectioned strategically is the easiest way to have an orderly space and closet. A piece of timeless classic beauty, serene and capacious, Savana Living’s Marilyn Cupboard is perfect for facilitating organized living. Housing removable shelves and coat racks, two spacious drawers and a soothing matt finish are motivational enough to make you fold your clothes and tuck them in.

Marilyn Cupboard

A Collected Display Whether bought as a trophy or status symbol, comfort or escape, do not let your books languish on the shelf and collect dust. Designed to host a melange of your belongings, volumes, curios and photographs, the Crusoe Library Set can create a cosy, organised reader’s oasis, that’s personal, unique and timeless. Natural wood and rattan, in an antique white finish, complemented with a classic shuttered door, this piece elevates a room with its charming country allure.

Order in Multi-functionality A multifunctional storage unit helps you get more out of your square footage. And a glamorous accent piece like the Dorset Display Cabinet can double as a serving station, work station and storage, taking your organizational endeavours up a notch. Beautifully balancing open and closed shelving to flaunt your collection and hide your clutter. When positioned in the sitting, dining area or kitchens this smoky dark blue, countryside rustic-chic wooden crockery cabinet creates an aesthetic statement.

“A place for everything and everything in place is veracious even today. If you have been contemplating giving your home an organizational upgrade in style then our indigenous and elegant storage creations can help restore order," says Sapna Mathur, Founder, Savana Living

About Savana Living:

Sapna Mathur, Founder

Founded by Sapna Mathur in 2017, Savana Living is the domestic retail arm of her three-decades-old family run furniture export house in Jaipur. Savana Living utilises the expertise borne of this operation to create quality products that are handmade, hand-painted, and hand-finished in their own manufacturing facilities.

Find out more about Savana Living here.


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