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"At Kalakaarihaath, We Work With Our Hands!"

Updated: May 18, 2020

Over the past few decades, with the rise in architecture and design modernization, technology has taken cognizance, leaving very little room for handmade intervention. Bridging the gap between the two, Kalakaarihaath begins where technology falters.

Kalakaarihaath: The Skilled Hands, is a Bombay based design studio working in diverse design disciplines that impact space. The studio is committed to the development of innovative designs through understanding the importance of preserving traditional Indian crafts.

Picture courtesy: Kalakaarihaath

Kalakaarihaath's body of work largely entails to graphic design, illustration and wall feature accents that are infused with Indian culture, contemporary trends with emphasis on empowering local artisans. In addition to this, the studio has recently expanded its second arm, 'Insitu by Kalakaarihaath', a formal interior design and architectural practice.

The firm is constantly striving to redefine the role between the craftsmen and architect. Its founder, Sahiba Madan, realized while researching the building craft of India, that the architect didn't originally exist in traditional building culture, rather, building culture is a co-ordinated system of knowledge, rules, procedures and habits that surrounds the building process in a given place and time. This study then shifted into understanding the role of architect vs craftsmen.

As a method of documentation, she hand illustrated a series of postcards. These in turn, laid the foundation for Kalakaarihaath.

Picture courtesy: Kalakaarihaath

The second arm, Insitu, aims to reflect the same ethos by thriving on the age old idea of crafting in place, craft being irrelevant without function and context. "We are a Bombay based studio taking on projects related to interiors, architecture, exhibition, furniture and objects tailor made for the user, function and context" says Sahiba.

In this edition, we also caught up with Sahiba in an exclusive interview, where she talked to us about the inspiration behind Kalakaarihaath, early days as an architect, her studio in Bombay, along with many other things. Check out the interview here.

Firm: Kalakaarihaath

Architecture & Design Wing: Insitu by Kalakaarihaath

Location: Bombay, Maharashtra

Founder & Principal Architect: Sahiba Madan

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