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Studio Bipolar Designs Lacquer Embassy’s First Mainstream Commercial Store

Lacquer Embassy by Studio Bipolar

Lacquer Embassy is a men’s wear apparel and accessories brand that manufactures high end, niche, products.

Keeping this philosophy in mind it was imperative to design a minimal, yet contemporary store that highlights its products and stands out. This atypical space is constrained in terms of height and depth. A perforated metal clad roof adds height to the space and an open storefront adds depth by visually borrowing space from the main floor.

Picture courtesy: Studio Bipolar

A store designed around specific products sets this contemporary boutique apart from its competition. From sectioned shelves for bow-ties to floating displays for pocket squares to open rails for shirts, every design decision reflects the specifications of the clients needs.

Picture courtesy: Studio Bipolar

To that effect, the client opted for a trial room that is partitioned off with the use of draped fabric, constructed from the same high end material as all their products and hand stitched by the same artisans employed by the brand to make clothes.

Picture courtesy: Studio Bipolar

Neutral yet contrasting tones, textures, and materials tie this space together. Warm wood tones contrast against cold, dark metals of the roof which contrast with the light cement walls. Contrasting textures of the perforated metal clad roof, polished wood displays, smooth tiles of the checkout counter and rough porous cement of the side wall tie seamlessly together to create an unobtrusive background for the unique, colorful products on display.

Project: Lacquer Embassy

Location: New Delhi, India

Design House: Studio Bipolar

Architects: Sanjana Mathur, Ujjwal Sagar, Manan Talwar, Suchetna Singh

Photography: Anmol Wahi

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