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Mangrove Green Accentuates this Fashion Studio Depicting the Blend of Culture & Heritage

Qurbat by Casa Flore

Qurbat is a fashion studio designed by Delhi-based Design studio Casa Flore led by architect Ankit Kathpal.

“Qurbat” (The Studio) is an Urdu translation for the English word vicinity (Closeness), A modern yet traditional fashion studio in the state of art (Rajasthan) depicts the close relation of heritage and culture - “A New Perspective in an old city”. The mangrove green color enhances the store’s essence with fine detailing and minimal furniture.

The tone of grey and green compliments the subtle nature of the design. Handcrafted arches and classic white Indian knobs add to the traditional roots of the store. The closeness between materials and textures provides a delightful sight.

Once you climb down the stairs to reach this new studio, the first thing that you see is an indoor display of a dressed mannequin, with the branding of the store on the back wall that helps to create a warm and welcoming relation with the customers. Since the space is designed in a rectilinear way, the display and storage are aligned to the walls, leaving a massive space in the center.

This way, entire attention is drawn towards the clothes. Extra storage spaces have been given in the backspace of the studio, next to the trial rooms. In order to make it bright yet keep it simple, we decided to paint the entire studio with color - Mangrove Green dressed the wardrobes with doorknobs made in ceramic and hangers made of wood.

Project: Qurbat

Location: Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

Design House: Casa Flore

Lead Architects: Ankit Kathpal

Photography: Shades Studio Photography


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