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MERAKI and PDDS Design Studio Conceptualize a Contemporary Gourmet Store Experience in Gurgaon

The Fancy Pantry by MERAKI and PDDS Design Studio

The Fancy Pantry is a Gourmet meat and groceries store located in the heart of Galleria Market, Gurgaon.

The project brief required an interior experience that matched both - its name, and its products. A concrete sculptural façade curves subtly into itself as a polite yet irrepressible gesture, to invite passers-by into the 'Fancy Pantry' experience.

Picture Courtesy: MERAKI

The facade, somewhat influenced by European architecture, was designed more as a gentle approach to an otherwise contrasting interior experience. As the inside of the shop required great amounts of detail and finishing, we decided to welcome customers with a more relaxed shop front.

Once inside, the checkerboard flooring pattern leads one to gaze upon the art wall which, eventually, draws attention to the soft, geometric wooden ceiling. The intention of the art wall was to make it “Instagrammable” - as purported by (us) millennials.

Picture Courtesy: MERAKI

What is more edgy and Instagram-able than Marlon Brando a.k.a The God Father, holding a meat loaf? This art work was to be the focal point upon entering the store. In keeping with the luxurious-yet-clean-interiors theme, the designers explored a beading wall that helped lend the store an old-school character. This was a subtly element as we didn’t want to take away any importance from the Mr. Brando.

Picture Courtesy: MERAKI

As per the client brief, the designers were required to provide ample storage space. An elegant ‘jaali’ box spans from wall to wall, accommodating for 80% of the shops back end storage space. This laser cut Jaali is inspired by Indian Jaalis, as the designers wanted to add just the slightest bit of familiarity.

Picture Courtesy: MERAKI

Minimal lines is the principle behind the design style. As one can see the back wall, we went with the concept of less is more. The softer the wall, the louder the products will speak to its customers. The trick to this successful wall elevation is all in the details. The shelves align to the beading, the shadow gaps are in proportion to its height and the color palette complements the products. To the subconscious mind of a customer, it is these details that make you notice the elegance of this store.

Picture Courtesy: MERAKI

The interior of the shop is sufficiently illuminated for convenient user experience, which therefore made us design a contrasting dim-mood lighting for the exterior façade. The design also helped highlight the rough concrete texture on the outside, in stark contrast to the smooth transitions between a riot of ‘fancy’ materials on the inside.

Project: The Fancy Pantry

Location: Galleria Market, Gurgaon

Design House: MERAKI

Contractors: PDDS Design Studio

Design Team: Nicholas Eric Law, Param Dhingra, Devank Suri

Photography: Shades Studio


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