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This Mid-Century Modern Style Home Will Give You Major Design Goals!

Mid-Century Modern Home by Sonia Gehlot

Mumbai based architect Sonia Gehlot, takes us through this calm and serene abode located in the heart of central Mumbai.

Sonia’s design sensibilities strongly lean towards human needs and how the inhabitants will experience the space. Believing that the space must belong to its inhabitants, it must serve as its extension, which is certainly evident in her designs. When she first met the client Rohini, she instantly, knew that she is a “less is more” person, which eventually laid the foundation for the design of this project.

Picture Courtesy: Sonia Gehlot

The natural light filters in from large windows overlooking the city of Mumbai from the fourteenth floor of this apartment. Sonia tells us, “over here, clearly the essence of the space which needed to be enhanced was its fresh open vibe”.

Picture Courtesy: Sonia Gehlot

One of the first considerations while Sonia, started working on this project was to have the sense of clutter free, clean, sparse yet warm quality of space. This precarious combination of “lived in” feel yet minimal in its nature was achieved by use of reigned in color palette and nature inspired materials.

Picture Courtesy: Sonia Gehlot

A subtle pop of softness through cushions and the jute rugs added to the lived in feel. While choosing furniture, wallpaper, upholstery, lights, rugs etc. conscious attempt was made to use sustainable, earth friendly materials like – cotton & jute dhurries, wooden table, rope woven chairs, iron hairpin legs, marble etc.

Picture Courtesy: Sonia Gehlot

Dining area with a fresh feel! One can only imagine the fun meal times with family, full of laughter and cheer. Human experiences are what Sonia always focuses on, and materials are most important in bringing that quality out. This muted, simple dining table made of carefully chosen wooden log. Its beautiful imperfections highlighted by natural polish to enhance the grains is an absolute eye catcher.

Adding drama is the mobile installation of dandelion shaped, banana paper lights. This was customized to complement the neutral colors along with bringing in soft light. To complete the look is a louvered Mid-Century Modern - side board.

Picture Courtesy: Sonia Gehlot

In her quest to make the human experiences more meaningful – Sonia came up with the idea of games table in the living room! It was welcomed very excitedly by the family, and it was this corner which became the favourite spot of the family during lockdown.

The entire space besides being minimal also has a human quality to it . Mid-century modern furniture with gentle curves, clean lines, true natural materials, embedded in the concept of form follows function was best suited to bring out both these qualities equally.

Picture Courtesy: Sonia Gehlot

“The space is complete when you can no longer take something out without missing it- and that threshold as an architect is very important, for me.” she says. More is always nice but less is always better. So here, the architect decided to stop and let the space do the talking!

Project: Mid-Century Modern home

Location: Mumbai, India

Design House: Sonia Gehlot, Architecture & Beyond

Photography: Anuja Kambli

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