Minimalism Through A Blend of Seamless & Timeless Materials

Updated: May 15

24K by A+T Associates:

Little eclectic, little mid-century modern, 24K is an apartment that finds its ambiance through a blend of pastel colors.

This is a project that is encompassed by a site consisting of a living space which is adjacent to a balcony.This project started with a simple thought, to work on a contemporary and minimalist language with the use of seamless and timeless materials.

Picture courtesy: A+T Associates

Spread over 2200 sq.ft. carpet area includes 4 bedrooms with dressing and bath, living area , dining area, foyer and kitchen space.

Picture courtesy: A+T Associates

All the common connected spaces have uniform theme going everywhere but individual

rooms has a character of its own as per the personality whomsoever is using it. We always think about the interior spaces before we think for the exterior part of it. Interior spaces should breathe and filled with natural light & energy.

Picture courtesy: A+T Associates

Multiple customized artworks have been introduced to add more meaning and depth to the design. One of our favorites is the living room big scale Hand art work. It is simple yet bold and says a lot about creativity.

Picture courtesy: A+T Associates

Project name: 24K by Fortune Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India Firm: a+t associates


Instagram: Photo credits: Tejas Shah Photography





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