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This Members Only Club Derives Inspiration from Monte Carlo's Beautiful Coast

Updated: May 16, 2020

Monte Carlo Whisky Club by M.R. Studio

Monte Carlo Whisky Club is an intriguingly refined space that references its namesake’s yachting culture.

As its name suggests, the inspiration for the elegant and members only - Monte Carlo Whisky Club, was derived from the parking boats along Monte Carlo’s beautiful coast. Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, the entrance door is decorated by a steering reel that acts as a symbolic of the club, while the illuminated effect surrounding the door edges creates a sense of arrival. Through that, it transfers the guests to a space that is of masculine allure but yet delicate with its tasteful application of details.

Picture Courtesy: M.R. Studio

The combination of the elements like timber flooring and feature wall, metal mesh, brass and glass set the rustic tonality of the space, while the choices of velvet and leather for the bespoke furniture breath in a classic vintage ambiance and balance up the contrast.

Above the focal point of bar area, the reflecting antique mirrors tactfully expands the room visually within this low ceiling space. The roof top bar area embraces the spectacular cityscape, the indoor and outdoor is blended together with a fluid approach of design.

Picture Courtesy: M.R. Studio

At just under 150 square meters, the club houses a bar (no doubt the heart of the club), lounge, game area and outdoor rooftop terrace. The M.R. Studio team artfully negotiated challenges like the space’s irregular triangle shape and low ceilings by hanging antique mirrors above the bar area within a boat-like skeleton structure to create the illusion of space, and designed the ample outdoor terrace to bring the outside in — not to mention that if already offers spectacular views of the city.

Picture Courtesy: M.R. Studio

Project: Monte Carlo Whisky Club Location: Hong Kong Design House: M.R. Studio

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