The Designs an Eclectic and Luxurious Retail Store in Patna

Nari Store by The, The Company of Design

Located in the hustling-bustling city of Patna, this store spells discreet luxury and intricate harmony within its spaces.

Spread across two floors, the store is located on the hustling-bustling street of Patna city. The 6190-square-foot space spells discreet luxury and harmonious relationship between the boutique bridal wear display on the first floor and the casual wear on the ground floor for women.

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Design draws on the journey of a customer where the exploration is through uniquely designed partitions guiding the circulation consciously integrated throughout the space creating intrigue and anticipation for the wandering customers. Each partition designed uniquely in different forms and varying opacity, with the idea for them to act as racks to showcase wide range of apparels and also to create smaller segments within a larger rectangular space creating intrigue and anticipation for the wandering customers.

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Spatially, the store is divided on two floors: bridal wear on the upper level while the casual ones on the lower level. For the upper floor the space has an open-plan spatially, where the whole experience of a bride takes the center stage. A deliberate decision is made for the trial rooms to be at the center of the space, aiming to heighten the bride's joy, rather than just a hidden part at the back.

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The overall color palette varies from soft grey's to notes of pastel pinks create a soothing ambiance. The materials and hues are intended to be clean and subtle enough to effortlessly sync with the vivid display products.

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The repetition of linear shelves on the walls contrast the with soft curves and arches in the free-standing partitions, while the white and gray surfaces are accented with highlights of brass and wood to add opulence within the otherwise subtle palette. The metal mesh framed within wooden members serve as physical barriers yet allow the visual connectivity between partitions.

Project: Nari Retail Store

Location: Patna, Bihar

Design House: The, The Company of Design

Design Team: Niel Parekh, Pooja Shah, Khushboo Wankawala, Piyush Monapara

Picture Courtesy: The Fishy Project, Ishi Sitwala


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