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New Wishing Chair Store Opens in South Delhi

The Wishing Chair by Joint Studio

Joint Studio crafts warm wooden interiors against a monochrome backdrop for the new Wishing Chair store in south Delhi.

The retail brand Wishing Chair caters to multiple categories of home products, clothing & jewellery. With a design brief of decluttering and creating a distinct design language that merges with the existing brand identity, this project was designed and executed within a tight time period of three months.

Picture Courtesy: Joint Studio

Wishing Chair as a brand represents whimsical and dream like quality, the same quality can be seen in the facade of the store, long lean windows and soft edges combined with ceiling hung merchandise displays, thin space was designed to create a sense of intrigue and magic. With a deep purple hue that accents the furniture, the store aims to call to a customer’s whimsical side.

Picture Courtesy: Joint Studio

The space was divided by categories and user movement. A detail study of all product categories was done, which helped in streamlining multiple categories by grouping similar products together.

The challenge was to display everything within an area of 550 square feet. Which included a storage area and a trial room in addition to displaying vast product categories. The site being a corner shop was full of beams and columns which had to be dealt with, that could maximize the output of the space.

Picture Courtesy: Joint Studio

Materials like Rubber wood, brushed gold were combined to elevate the store’s look. Custom mobile displays were designed with interesting shapes, making the visual merchandising adaptable and dynamic. Every display was designed, keeping the product category in mind, be it stationery, linen or planters.

Catering to the storage issue, a series of storage units were designed to wrap around the entire store, that helped in stock keeping. Back wall of the store was glass with an inclined slope making it hard to work around with the mall guidelines where no buildup was allowed on the back glass wall, this problem area gave way to an innovative solution in display design, Joint Studio used MS sections that folded into a hanger for linen display which followed the wall slope without touching the actual glass wall, the hanger was supported by the ceiling and had tie members welded on the MS glass frame. Every corner of the store was designed for maximization of display without making it feel cluttered. Every wall display was broken into multiple parts to create a sense of rhythm and symmetry.

Picture Courtesy: Joint Studio

Cash counter was custom designed with wishing chair symbols ingrained in wood with gold leafing adding to the details for the store design. Similarly the planter section was designed by using a half torus shape, with 3 tiers for display of plants.

Planning of lighting was an integral part of the store design, each product category had a track spot with the addition of Corner profile LED strip, tucked under each shelf with a sleek shelf lipping hiding the light source from the viewers. The floating shelves were designed to be deep for maximum product display area, making the LED strips extremely important in eliminating any dark spots at the back of the shelves.

Picture Courtesy: Joint Studio

The entire process of design discovery and translating it into a physical space was as exciting as the brand itself, each problem that was faced, was countered with an innovative solution. Great team support and openminded clients helped in building this exquisite dream space that can be experienced at The wishing chair store at DLF Saket mall in Delhi.

Project: The Wishing Chair

Location: South Delhi

Design House: Joint Studio

Photography: Tarang Goyal


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