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Promenade Retail Architecture, A Nucleus for Urban Commerce and Interaction

Located in the urban epicenter of Gurugram, Silverglades Hightown is a mixed-use development that establishes an equilibrium amidst varied functions along with an array of amenities.

The 4.48-acre site has been designed with a keen eye for functional detail approach wherein the built forms and the surrounding greenery live in absolute conjunction. The vision plays on the inherent frontage of the site, thus making it a nucleus for urban commerce and interaction. A hybrid of ‘high street’ and retail format allows visitors to experience all the action having an expansive promenade to spill into as they traverse the astir commercial strip.

The geometry of the site in its primordial form is composed of a square-form patch accompanied by an elongated strip of land, abutting the neighboring arterial roads. The perimeter of the site and the area enclosed within dictated the core zoning scheme of the programmatic functions—where the narrower strip of land was allocated to the commercial plaza owing to its elevated frontage value, and the remaining land was utilized to anchor the lofty residential towers.

The utilization of the frontage aspect was vital in the design process, as one of the intended forefronts of the conceptualized scheme was to create an urban interface that had a contemporary yet inviting persona.

The Mixed-Use development strategy works best for the spatial program at the Silverglades; the creation of this inter-urban layout allows for the intersection of functions like living, working, retail access, and recreational activities, thus allowing the builder to expand programmatic operations across diverse verticals.

In the residential component, the design aims to maximize accommodation, whilst maintaining an elevated sense of living. The three high-density residential towers are designed on a relatively compact land footprint. While the number of units is not as many as the conventional high-rise accommodations, the efforts have been directed towards creating apartments with higher built-up areas, responding to the challenge of dense stacked living.

The main residential tower comprises up to 30 floors. It is composed of two symmetrical towers connected by a skywalk to offer 360° views to the end-users of the 4BHK luxury apartments with four spacious units per floor. The role of nature and landscape is evidently integral in the conceptualization of this urban oasis.

Project: Silverglades Hightown

Location: Gurugram

Design House: Design Forum International


All graphics and illustrations are copyright of Design Forum International

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