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Find Refuge in this Vernacular Retreat Away from the City

'Retreat' : The Clubhouse by SK Architects

Spread over a sparsely vegetated dry terrain, this retreat is built as an architectural refuge, away from the consumerist lifestyle of the modern-day.

The relationship is such that the built forms connect the landscape and the landscape connects the built forms as a flowing spatial experience.

Picture courtesy: Treelight Design

Simple structures disappear into the landscape, mastering the tranquil surrounding. The result is a harmonious balance between the clean, tropical lines of the architecture and the earthy tones and textures of the finishes echoing the Chettinad context, realized through PEB construction techniques.

Picture courtesy: Treelight Design

Conceived in a tropical modernist style, the design of the retreat explored modernism and its cultural implications and created a unique, recognizable style of design. A unique amalgamation of the Modernist tendencies for open floor plans and stark decoration with iconic elements of Chettinad houses is achieved beholding the context of the temple city.

Picture courtesy: Treelight Design

This project was conceived as a series of pavilions and verandas contained within a high surrounding boundary wall.

Picture courtesy: Treelight Design

Spaces with characteristic spatial qualities are carefully linked in order to take a beholder from the entry point, is a built environment onto a large landscaped area linking itself to a semi-open leisure space, culminating at a built leisure space.

Project: ‘Retreat’ The Club House

Location: Madurai

Design House: SK Architects

Photography: Prasanth Mohan, Running Studios


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