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Shades of Blue, Grey and White Feature in this Contemporary Apartment in Pune

The Transitional Trio by AndSpaces

The owners of this 800 sq. ft. 2BHK apartment in Pune wanted aesthetic, functional, and cost-effective interiors.

Designers identified a clear liking for circular forms and arches integrated with modern style interiors, preferably without any wooden finishes throughout the design. Transitional interior design is a mixture of traditional and modern styles. Bringing together pieces from various design styles creates a singular design that updates the classics with a cohesive, modern feel.

With that in mind, they opted for a style transitioning from modern to contemporary forms. Grey and blue are such a versatile combo. They could have a contrasting scheme or create a really cohesive look. Moreover, the introduction of white to this pallet brings in the chic look as and where required.

Project: The Transitional Trio

Location: Pune

Design House: AndSpaces

Principal Architect: Ar. Ankita Nand Deshmukh

Photography: Yamini Krishna Photography


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