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SKAID Designs Conceptualizes a Premium Luxury Home Furnishing Store in Hyderabad

Studio Orion by SKAID Designs

Conceptualized with the idea of creating and emotional bond between the client and space, this premium luxury space in Hyderabad creates a wholesome furnishing and décor experience.

Studio Orion is a premium, luxury space showcasing fabrics, wallpapers, blinds, curtains, furniture, woods, artefacts etc. designed by Kisha Dusharla and his team at Skaid Designs . Centrally located and situated in the posh area of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, it is a state of the art center for all home solutions.

Picture Courtesy: SKAID Designs

Studio Orion has been created with the idea of creating an emotional bond between the client and the space. Kish ensures that clients can spend time in Studio Orion which is created as a space that is breathing throughout. There is a dedicated wallpaper room, an exclusive corner for blinds, and every aspect has its own individual identity.

Picture Courtesy: SKAID Designs

An inviting lounge was Kish's idea to give visitors a premium experience where they can sit, spend hours and decide on what best suits their needs. Enough care and attention is given to the idea that people are most comfortable in a place which has a good restroom. Kish has taken it a notch above. Designed with utmost care and thought, it is made to elevate the visit of every client. One can enter it through a door which has a curtain tassel on the handle. The premier lounge along with the powder room, sets international standards.

Picture Courtesy: SKAID Designs

While Tarun was willing to settle for a small cabin for himself, Kish convinced him to double the size of it to reflect his position in Studio Orion. The bold red door was solely Kish's idea and something that Tarun was extremely elated about ultimately. A premium wallpaper from Elitis is placed in the cabin, one that is unique and never used in India. The centre table is hand-made by Kish with a leather top and his eccentric poetry. The cabin is the perfect den to showcase who the boss is, uplifting his status in Studio Orion.

Picture Courtesy: SKAID Designs

An upholstery fabric hugs a column, strategically placed in the center, another mind-boggling idea by Kish. Wallpapers from Germany, France, personally procured by Kish, adorn the walls and ceilings. Kish has designed Studio Orion to amalgamate their products with the design of the interiors. "Everything that you will see is what you can buy there," says Tarun, owner of Studio Orion. A wooden wall on one side shows how wood is used, clearly displaying the joints and dispelling confusion in minds of the customers, hereby giving it a realistic look.

Picture Courtesy: SKAID Designs

Being the first of its kind, Kish has ensured that Studio Orion creates a wholesome experience for all those who walk in.

Project: Studio Orion

Location: Hyderabad

Design House: Skaid Designs


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