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Studio Tilt's Scandinavian-style Architecture Studio is Filled with Natural Light and Minimal Décor

Studio Tilt Studio by Studio Tilt

With a love for all things Scandinavian, an all new design studio opens shop in Goa - the house of Studio Tilt.

With abundance of natural light, the space has a large glass facade on two sides that offers an amazing view and a great frontage. An overall minimalistic pallet that features cane, natural wood and a monochrome colors comprising white, grey and a bold black in parts.

The space needed to feel light, airy and unobstructed. Without following a specific aesthetic, the idea was to create a charming, zen-like space conducive for creating.

"The biggest challenge thrown to us though, was the size of the space itself. All of 300 sqft, we had made up our minds that we weren't going to partition the space in any way. We needed to have a meeting and discussion table, a small waiting area, a smaller set up for quick catch ups as well as a work space for 6-8 designers. On the lower level, we managed to fit in a tiny waiting space, our central discussion table as well as a small set up for quick meets by one side of the glass facade, albeit with a pantry set up!"

The work loft on the mezzanine level forms that space where the team not only creates, but hangs out, makes fun reels & snacks away. Continuing with the same narrative, light grey colored walls and natural wood keep the space warm and inviting. The overall space had to be multifunctional yet feel uncluttered and that was where the color scheme stemmed from. With a high utility quotient, most spaces double up in action and yet are so cohesive in nature.

A stunning live edge wood top doubles as a meeting cum discussion table and is quite the conversation starter. Use of Scandinavian styled furniture and décor, light natural polishes for an overall sense of lightness and calm is effectively seen.

"All our pieces are handcrafted and custom made coz we wouldn't have it any other way! What makes it so special is that a modern look comes across so brazen yet entwined with traditional elements. To give the space a little pop, comes in our feature wall with a display of our favourite ongoing projects and some quirky, décor accents that add a fun touch to the otherwise subtle, monochromatic mood." said the founders Abhijit Sawant & Natasha Kumar.

Project: Studio Tilt Office

Location: Goa

Design House: Studio Tilt Architects

Principal Architects : Abhijit Sawant & Natasha Kumar

Photographer: Chandan Purohit


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