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Synthesising the Modern & the Vintage, This House in Chennai Transforms into a Piece of Art

The Deco Haus by Chestnut Storeys

This 25 year old structure was completely revitalised through contemporary & antique art pieces, structured design, idiosyncratic arrangements and meaningful colour schemes.

Arches and strong lines dominate the walls of all the rooms in one way or another, providing an interesting depth without taking away from the artistry it surrounds. Every room was carefully constructed keeping in mind practical usage, while experimenting with the concept of old meets new meets unique.

Rich in art, artefacts and conception, the design was intended to bring both an overarching concept to life, while focusing on the details that could provide perception.

Project: The Deco Haus

Location: Chennai

Design House: Chestnut Storeys

Principal Architect: Farah Agarwal

Photography: Ishi Sitwala


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