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The Chlorophyll Estate, a Luxurious Vacation Rental Property Amidst Nature's Embrace on the Outskirts of Mumbai

Updated: Jan 28

The Chlorophyll Estate by Studio Priyank Mehta

Nestled on a three -acre organic farm amidst serene greenery on the outskirts of Mumbai's, this vacation rental property embodies the essence of natural minimalism. The Chlorophyll Estate is an extraordinary testament to the Mumbai-based family's enduring passion for organic living. Transformed over fifteen years, the once-barren land now flourishes with over 800 fruit trees, flowering plants and spices.

Within the stunning surroundings, the architecture artfully combines muted hues, black limestone finishes, oak wood furnishings and two-toned rustic beige walls. In addition to this, cove light details, cane and fabric fixtures gently illuminate the evening. What truly distinguishes this villa is the seamless integration of its original structure with modern amenities, fostering a biophilic environment that reveres nature. The pool compliments the grandeur of the space situated under the open sky alongside the boho-chic lounge area.

Designed to celebrate the outdoor spaces, the villa showcases a muted color palette, black limestone finish stone tiles, oak wood finish furniture, and two toned rustic beige walls. The cove light detail fashioned in the ceiling, combined with custom-made light in cane and fabric, cast a soothing glow in the evening hours, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility.

What makes the Villa truly unique is the preservation of its original structure while modernizing its amenities and creating an environment that is biophilic and natural first. The extensive use of cane lights across the property creates a startling play of shadow and light in the night time thereby establishing a stark contrast in terms of how the property looks in the day time and in the night time.

The large 18 x 36 ft pool under the open sky next to the boho-chic lounge area adds to the grandeur and openness of the space.

Project: The Chlorophyll Estate

Founders: Keyur Barad, Nishit Barad

Location: Mumbai, India

Principal Designers: Priyank Mehta, Studio PM

Decor and Styling: Shriya Nagi, Kern Culture

Photography: Flavian Noel Fernandes

For bookings contact: +919326358158

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For more information download the project brochure:

Download PDF • 17.04MB


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