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The New Danka Office in Mumbai Makes a Bold Impression with Striking Décor and Bright Colors

News Danka Offices by Studio SB

Designed by Studio Simpi-Bhatkhalkar (Studio SB), a young design firm based in Mumbai, News Danka is a 900 sq.ft. office space for the online news portal ‘News Danka’ in Mumbai.

The interiors make use of bold colours and concepts accented by visually striking décor that make daring statements derived from the ideologies of the office. 'Bold Colours Reflecting Bold Thoughts' was the notion behind finalizing the colour palette of the project.

Picture Courtesy: Studio SB

Name Plate with a crossword theme crafted right at the entrance has all journalism words hidden. ‘Into the limelight, this waiting area has an elegant sofa with the newspaper wallpaper backdrop giving a very classy touch to the space while the quirky yellow highlight from the hanging light adds

spice to the design.

Picture Courtesy: Studio SB

Beveled Mirror Panels, smart go to option, makes the narrow lobby look spacious. However, the Backlit Logo is the attention seeker in this whole space! Lobby with Cabins on one side and Studio on the other has been brought to life with black frames as a design narrative. The paintings are handpicked and shout journalism all over while adopting the colour theme of the office. To avoid the noise made by footsteps as a hindrance for the continuous Rolling Camera in the Studio, Carpet

was suggested as a flooring while adopting the overall mood of the design

Picture Courtesy: Studio SB

The finishes of the furniture resonates with the overall palette and has been designed based on the client’s requirements. ‘Wall of fame’ for collecting the signatures of the dignitaries visiting the office is a personal touch to the project. Wooden frame with a ‘plants and pebbles holder’ at the foot adds beauty to the lobby. Completed merely in 25 days, this project clearly reflects the principles of the office with a creative edge to it.

Project: News Danka Office

Location: Borivali, Mumbai

Design House: Studio SB Architecture + Interiors

Photography: Tanvi Kale & Yash Potnis


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