The New 'Open for All' Jesse Owens Park in Grand-Couronne, France

Urban Park in Grand-Couronne (France) by Espace Libre

The new Jesse Owens park, designed in Grand-Couronne (Seine-Maritime) by the landscape and urban planning workshop Espace Libre, was inaugurated in September 2018.

Open to all, for all ages, with dedicated spaces for sports, games, relaxation, it fulfills its vocation as an urban park.

Picture Courtesy: Espace Libre

From a former fully enclosed sports area, one of the key challenges of Jesse Owens Park was the creation of a landscaped public space linking together the various spaces of the municipality.

Picture Courtesy: Espace Libre

Today, new pedestrian paths adjust these spaces and avoid direct confrontation between users and the private spaces bordering the site. Likewise, the entrances to the park are designed so that pedestrian and vehicle flows can coexist in complete safety.

Picture Courtesy: Espace Libre

The project predisposes the existing urban fabric of Grand-Couronne to future essential junctions. In fact, this arrangement of gentle paths makes it possible to fully integrate the entire space of the park and to form a link with the nearby public spaces.

Picture Courtesy: Espace Libre

The park can thus in the future expand and

create pedestrian and ecological corridors on the territory of the municipality.

Project: Urban Park in Grand-Couronne

Location: France

Design House: Espace Libre

Photography: Julien Falsimagne



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