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This House by Vcreate Designs Etches to Life a Nuclear Family's Residence in the Heart of Mumbai

The Corner House by Vcreate Designs

A sequestered two-bedroom Mumbai apartment lends its canvas to a nuclear family in the plush residential neighborhood of Lokhandwala.

The home creates a picture window into the upscale cosmopolitan’s beating heart for the residents, while they find their refuge in this quaint dwelling. “The clients Gautam and Neha Nadkarni have been expatriates settled in London for close to two decades, and recently made the permanent move to India with their five-year-old son, Vivaan in October 2020.

The Pandemic posed challenges on the site’s functions and between the impacts of a multitude of lockdowns, the home was pieced together over seven months in the face of unpredictable circumstances,” shares vcreate designs.

With a compact area of 750 square feet at hand, the family’s needs emphasized the meshing together of pragmatic utility balanced against the backdrop of a design sensibility; packed with a function yet an honest reflection of their aspirations as a family within the walls of their new abode. The design studio received an amorphous brief, one that allowed it to be interpreted and molded-in myriad forms.

Project: The Corner House

Location: Mumbai

Design House: Vcreate Designs

Principal Architect: Ar. Vibha Saraf

Photography: Yadnyesh Joshi


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