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This House in Mumbai is Designed to Represent an Abode that Fosters a Sense of Warmth and Happiness

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

The Nest by AVVO

The Nest, a two-bedroom apartment nestled in Mumbai's suburbs is a testament to the seamless blend of design and functionality.

The visionary behind AVVO crafted this abode to foster warmth and happiness while connecting its inhabitants to the spaces. The interiors are centred around richly layered aesthetics along with well-composed material palette.

The living room is adorned with soothing pastel hues which seamlessly integrates with the dining area creating a spacious and cohesive ambiance. Sheer curtains allow diffused sunlight to accentuate the textures while fluted panels and veneer cladding harmonize the indoors with the outdoors.

The master bedroom boasts classic aesthetics with wooden herringbone-pattern flooring, a touch of vibrancy from green accents and elegant white mouldings. Furthermore, the walk-in wardrobe features inlay flooring patterns and textured veneer shutters, while the master bathroom introduces a blue tone with Lime fusion marble and an amoeba-shaped mirror.

The second bedroom exudes modern charm with the usage of Portoro marble and contemporary design elements while bathroom offers opulence with brown and cappuccino beige marble fluting and a curved basin counter.

In essence, "The Nest" is a luxurious haven, thoughtfully designed to cater to the user’s preferences and lifestyle. It represents a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Project: The Nest

Location: Versova, Mumbai,

Design House: AVVO

Principal Architect: Ar. Raj Kothari

Photography: Ar. Sagar Mandal


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