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This Multi-Family Housing Project Claims to be India's Largest Gated Property

Vepees Mansions by Arif Associates

A one-of-a-kind multi-family housing project, designed for six brothers, extending over a lavish five acres property space.

An over five acres of property space set along side a lake, this project is designed with rich imagination and extravagant luxury for the Veepees fraternity.

Picture Courtesy: Arif Associates

This was a project for six brothers who shared a similar sense of living, incorporating a wide mix of residential, social and recreational spaces such as a club house, football turf, gym, theatre and an infinity pool. The center of the landscape features a circular, spine like element that offers a bold counterpoint and also a space for interaction.

Picture Courtesy: Arif Associates

Every single material used to build the façade is one of its kind which are specifically picked with the idea of elegance and merges with the flow of the total landscape. Materials like concrete as its web brick and Spanish tiles are used to modify the rich look and to capture the element of the minimalism.

Picture Courtesy: Shreya Shah Design

Concrete has been used in an exciting and inspiring way while benefiting from being a highly durable material. While concrete was used more widely for the web of individual villas, club house, swimming pool etc. it also was used more creatively.

Picture Courtesy: Arif Associates

All programs are arranged in a continuous unobstructed space, with landscape as flowing spaces in between. From the main road, the building is a homogeneous organized volume

The infinity pool is made very next to the lake as complete concrete a part of landscape. this pool designed in an parametric shape which divides kids pool and adults pool assuring safety in both of its structure and treat the water well many filter and recyclers are provided in this semi public space.

Project: Veepees Mansions

Location: Chemmad Malapuram, Kerala

Design Studio: Arif Associates

Design Team: Arif Mohammed, Sanoop Tp, Akhil

Photography: Praveen


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