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This Office Space in New Delhi Combines Subtle Colours & Contemporary Interiors to Craft Elegance

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

New Light Oil Traders Office by Elegante Homes

Nestled within New Delhi's DLF Towers, the New Light Oil Traders Office emerges as an exclusive endeavour that is crafted to embody design ethos and expertise.

This 600 square feet office space exudes a contemporary ambiance with a subtle mood board featuring shades of grey and intricate detailing that aim to achieve sophistication and elegance.

The project uses transparent glass partitions that facilitates seamless visual communication and also creates illusion of expansiveness to the space. Concealing entryways to the pantry and wooden panels add a layer of refinement to the interiors.

A wooden backdrop behind the director's space introduces a hint of intrigue and is also the highlighting feature of the project. Pendant light profiles choreograph an interplay complemented by plant-festooned workstations.

The workstations have been made to carefully camouflage utility areas from the line of sight of workstations and waiting areas.

Project: New Light oil Traders Office

Location: New Delhi

Design House: Elegante Homes

Principal Architects: Karishma Advani

Photography: Brandship


About the firm : Elegante Homes

Founder, Karishma Advani

Elegante Homes, established in 2019 under the visionary leadership of Ar. Karishma Advani, embodies a philosophy centered on transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional havens. Specializing in creating distinctive designs for both residential and commercial properties, they offer comprehensive services ranging from design consultation to full-scale turnkey projects.

In a recent office project, the primary objective was to metamorphose a bare, rectangular space within an office complex into a contemporary and inviting workspace. Confronted with fixed service locations, the team ingeniously devised a strategic layout featuring a straight corridor passage, effectively dividing the open workspace. The result was a space that harmoniously blended modern design with efficient storage solutions, a hallmark of Elegance Homes' commitment to visionary design and functional elegance.

Find out more about the firm here.

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