This Penthouse Apartment Offers Fantastic Views, Minimalist Décor and Muted Tones

By M+P Architects Collaborative

Overlooking the hilly terrain of Panchawati, this apartment was conceived with the aim of keeping the footprint of any design intervention low and muted.

Designers at wished to make an abode contrary to the contemporary flashy norm that serves as comfortable refuge for its users.

Picture Courtesy: M+P Architects Collaborative

Natural light, no false ceilings, and an Indian yellow kota stone floor brings about a charming warmth within this house. Wherever possible, old wood furniture was retained with the interior fit-out being meticulously planned around these units. Majority of the wood from the old house was re-purposed.

Picture Courtesy: M+P Architects Collaborative

The kitchen was specifically designed for the use of traditional Indian stone & brass equipment as well as modern electrical gadgets. Carefully curated artworks are scattered all over the apartment.

Picture Courtesy: M+P Architects Collaborative

Spaces were kept large and open in order to incorporate loose furniture. Ample cross ventilation and availability of maximum natural light was a design priority within the rooms.

Design House: M+P Architects Collaborative

Lead Architects: Pooja Chaphalkar and Meghana Kulkarni

Photography: Pooja Chaphalkar and Meghana Kulkarni




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