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This Project in Pune Blends Warm Hues and Minimalism with Nature to Evoke a Sense of Nordic Serenity

'Swojas' by Studio 1:1.618

In a world often filled with excess, this architectural marvel offers a refreshing minimal departure. Designed for those embracing a simpler and slower life, the interiors radiate purity and refinement.

Each room provides a unique glimpse of the outdoors which creates a sense of tranquillity and simplicity throughout the entire space.

The main objective was to create a homogenous Scandinavian-inspired interior where the focus doesn't narrow onto any one element but perceives the entire space as a unified whole. To achieve this, small window were transformed into larger ones to bathe the entire space in uniform light.

From fluted solid wood kitchen cabinets to sleek black electrical fixtures, the interior embodies an interplay of materials, forms and functionality. The transition between spaces was made seamless with a wooden frame and custom-designed furniture pieces added a touch of transparency and contrast.

The result is a functional, bright and open space that breathes life into its surroundings seamlessly intertwining with nature and reviving the spirit of its locale.

Project: Swojas

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Design House: Studio 1:1.618

Design Team: Ar. Mananpreet Singh, Ar. Vivek Mahajan

Photography: Shantanu Dandage


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