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MuseLAB Revamps This Old Retreat into an Elevated Hospitality Experience

Tropical Sanctuary by MuseLAB

Bombay based studio MuseLAB have revamped this retreat into a soon to be full-fledged resort with an elevated hospitality experience.

The firm switched hats between Master Planners, Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Designers while working on the budget-friendly project. Given that the existing plot consisted of the existing structures loosely placed on site, an inclusive and sensitive master plan was introduced with a network of pathways and driveways within the plot adhering to each structure individually.

Picture Courtesy: MuseLAB

The restaurant comprised of a huge gable roof with an exposed steel structural system and corrugated sheet metal roofing on large I-section steel stanchions. All of these were painted in blush pink, a perfect contrast to the checkered flooring in black and white vitrified tiles.

Picture Courtesy: MuseLAB

The bar counter was conceived as a monolith in polished Jaisalmer stone with a fascia in CNC milled fluted Jaisalmer. Fluted glass partitions in MS framework were erected to not only conceal the back of house services behind the bar but to also for the louvered partition system which leads to the private dining lounge. The Bain Marie is clad with a leather finished white Indian marble. Large plants flood the floor space, while bespoke customized light fittings are strategically suspended from the roof structure.

Picture Courtesy: MuseLAB

The hotel structure was the most challenging part of the project. A roof was added on the terrace to accommodate a games room. We added an outdoor lounge which also doubles up as a reception area. The walls showcase an interesting composition of wire cut bricks which form visual textures and openings as well. A semicircular arch forms the entrance to this space. The floor is in a herringbone pattern in leather finished Kadappa. This space features suspended planters and animal curious amidst customized lounge furniture in cane, bamboo and wood. A bespoke arched entrance door in ms grill framework leads to the corridor, the floor of which is in the same black and white tile as in the restaurant area.

Picture Courtesy: MuseLAB

The staircase rise treads are in the leather finished Kadappa with a trippy yellow railing. There are 3 types of rooms in the hotel block. Each room features a different bed design in wood and cane. The suite bed is a deconstructed four poster. The bathroom walls are lined in an emerald green and dirty pink tile with counters in Jaisalmer stone. The pool area deck flooring is in a vitrified wooden tile while the walls and floor of the pool itself is in a pixelated pattern in grey and pink tiles. 

Project: Tropical Sanctuary

Location: Khopol, Maharashtra

Design House: MuseLAB

Design Team: Huzefa Rangwala, Jasem Pirani, Namrata Tidke

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