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Unconventional and Experimental Architecture Marks Alex Dornier's Latest Project The Wing in Bali

The goal of the design was to create a structure that blends in with its surroundings, integrates into the vernacular context of the side, and represents something unseen yet experimental.

Designers aimed to advocate for an architecture that experiments and blends different ideas into one unconventional and particular form. The roof's main characteristic formulates the gradual fade between an A frame and a box- symbols for the traditional and the contemporary. All bedrooms are found in the second floor, and the material change from 1st to 2nd floor advocates for the building's single story reading.

The light crease dramatically draws the eye inward to the hallway, or outward to the living room. The fluted ceilings articulate the distinct material concept, and the wood adds to the tropical home's warm atmosphere. Large transparent glass facades connect the inside to the outside. Large overhangs shield you from Bali's heavy rains and sun. The building is close to other buildings, the back wall acts as a shell to protect from sound pollution and provides privacy.

Project: The Wing

Location: Mas, Ubud, Bali

Principal Designer: Alexis Dornier

Photography: Kiearch


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