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By d6thD Design Studio

Top in Architecture & Interior Design


Hues of Blue and Grey Adorn this Royal and Luxurious Penthouse in Dehradun

The 3000 sq ft penthouse in Dehradun is an elegant space bound by straight lines in architecture while retaining its flow by creative addition of design...


Bangalore Gets a New State-of-the-art Brewpub that Features Retractable Ceilings and Movable Walls

The JP Nagar neighbourhood of South Bangalore has quickly become the place to go for a night out on the town....


A Look Inside Cenerg Global Tools' New Industrial-Themed Corporate Office in Hyderabad

Cenerg Global Tools corporate office is designed keeping in mind the characteristics of materials in their raw form...


Chic Interiors for this Salon in Thrissur Signifies the 'Roaring 20s' and plight of Beauty Industry

The client brief was to create a vibrant and chic interior concept combining nail art, hair glamour and "Oh so good coffee and macaroons"...


Located at the Heart of Pune City, this Exquisite House Serves as an Ode to Modern Living

The homeowners aspired to own a safe haven that they could call their home. Keeping this in mind, Ankita Nand, the principal architect of AndSpaces...


A Comfortable Modern Home with Bold Accent Colors and Hues of Grey

The 4BHK Apartment in Ahmedabad is an elegant space. Exposed brick, with its natural beauty and easy warmth...


Laced with Class, Wellbeing Nutrition's New Office Opens it's Doors in the Suburbs of Mumbai 

Wellbeing Nutrition is a growing firm with a series A funding and needed an office space that's vibrant, open, and classy...


A Home with a Variety of Timeless Materials, Patters and Textures Against a Neutral Palette

The inflow of natural light through end-to-end windows along with warm environment of the space, generates an experience of calmness & luxury altogether...


Enthralling Details of this House in Surat Create an Architectural Expression of Style and Elegance

An enthralling essence of home absorbed into its supreme details of elements, design driven by the shadows...


Studio Tilt's Scandinavian-style Architecture Studio is Filled with Natural Light and Minimal Décor

With a love for all things Scandinavian, an all new design studio opens shop in Goa - the house of Studio Tilt...


New Headquarters for Xotik Opens Doors in Mumbai with Bold Accents Against Subtle Backdrops

The reception is a bold statement-making bar area that serves its signature drinks to the guests on arrival....


Fresh Morph Collective Designs a Modern, Style Salon in Jaipur Using Pastel Hues and Recycled units 

The site is located at the far end of the ground floor of a multi-storey building in Jaipur...


This Cafe is a Pleasant Tropical Escape Amidst a Busy Street in Hyderabad

Bespoke cafe nestled in the IT sector of Hyderabad is a little tropical escape from the otherwise hectic surroundings...


Santorini Inspired Cafe Opens in Bangalore that Emulates the Design Language of Greek Island

Situated roughly 10km from the Kempegowda international airport, the cafe occupies the third and terrace floor of the east facing property...


An Office Space that Embodies the Balance Between Comfort, Efficiency and Aesthetics

The Soch Group is an organization that is a mix of varied verticals with entrepreneurship at its core...


Opulent Interiors for this Tiny Office Help Create a Multifunctional Workspace in Mumbai

A space that reflects the client’s personality yet depicts extravagance and elegance at the same time...


Step Inside this Experiential Showroom in Chandrapur Built Especially For The Design Savvy

The objective was to create a unique experience center for sanitary & faucets display, emphasizing the role and design statement they make in modern interiors...


Bangalore Gets a New Art Gallery cum Restaurant Derived from Sri Lankan Tropical Architecture

The site is located in south Bangalore, it was an existing bungalow which had to be converted into a restaurant.

Satyam by Adhwa-12.jpg

Ahmedabad based
Adhwa Creates A
Unique Display Lounge
Experience for this’
Sanitary and Plumbing
Fitting Brand

The display lounge for international luxury bath fittings brands is designed to embody the brands’ values in a memorable and minimal manner...

Atelier Earth_ Direct SK Image 13.jpg

Direct by ShopKirana's New Office Fuses Industrial Style Interiors with Hues of Pop Culture

The new headquarters of Direct by ShopKirana was intended to span out in 14500 sq.ft area on the fifteenth floor of Skye Earth Corporate Park...


This Opulent Modern Office in Pune Showcases a Dynamic Play of Fine Lines Against Warm Tones

This 1000 sq. ft. office space located in the heart of the city of Pune. Lack of floor space and lack of enough height, but designers came up with solutions...

Copy of DSC00065.jpg

Coimbatore Based MARQ Design an Earthy Organic Store Using Porotherm Blocks and Salvaged Materials

It’s an organic products shop. The major setback designers had was the 160sft site area which is much lesser to work in the busy street of the city...

Editor's Pick

Nestled against the lush backdrop of the Aravallis, The Leela Palace Reiterates the Majestic Architecture of Rajasthan with a Contemporary Touch

The project reiterates the Traditional Architecture of the region and offers...

06 (1).jpg

This Merchant Navy Officer's House in Bangalore Acts as a Safe Haven Wrapped |in the Serenity of the Ocean

The revered Greek philosopher Plato said, “The sea cures all ailments of...


This Ahmedabad Apartment Perfectly Blends Mid-Century
Aesthetics with
Neo-Classical Elements

The designers at NSAD Studio, saw the unique open floor plan concept...


Studio Vasaka Defies the Stereotypical Office Using Brutalist Materials at the New ACME Offices

Located in a rapidly developing area near Chandigarh, the office...


Corten Steel Boxes Emerge through the Concrete Fenestrations of this Serene Getaway Home in Karaikal

In a quaint little village, Kurumbagaram, near the port town of Karaikal in...


Arts, Culture & Design

Apnavi Makanji

Top Residences

4. Living _ Project Sūcīkarman _ JDH.jpg

This Plush Home in Bengaluru Evokes a Welcoming, Peaceful Vibe Amidst Bespoke Detailing

A warm, welcoming & plush home situated in the North of Bengaluru is the haven of a spiritually inclined joint family...

DSC03558 (1).jpg

A Home with a Variety of Timeless Materials, Patters and Textures Against a Neutral Palette

The inflow of natural light through end-to-end windows along with warm environment of the space, generates an experience of calmness & luxury....

GHA_ (10).jpg

This Apartment in Mumbai Strikes Perfect Balance between Victorian Aesthetic and Contemporary Decor

Nested in Thane city the 900 Sqft 3BHK apartment is conceptualized with the desire of the family to have a home that strikes the perfect balance between...


Contemporary Design Intertwines with Nature's Elements for this Abode in Bangalore

The underlying concept of the apartment design was to create an aesthetic living space that feels modern with a slender touch of antiqueness....


Blend of Textures and Soft Hues Come Together for this Scandinavian-style Home

This 1700 sqft residence floor is an extension on the first level of an existing Ground floor home built on a 250 sqyd plot area...


Shades of Blue, Grey and White Feature in this Contemporary Apartment in Pune

The owners of this 800 sq. ft. 2BHK apartment in Pune wanted aesthetic, functional, and cost-effective interiors....


This House in Kolkata is Poised Between Experimentation and Expressing Identity

This swanky 2000 sqft, 4 bhk apartment has Italian marble flooring and unique furniture finishes...


A Spatial Alchemy of Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern Sensibilities in the Heart of Mumbai

Located in Mumbai’s plush residential and business hub–BKC, House of Weaves is a three-generational family home...


This Eclectic Home in Jaipur Showcases a Mix of Art and Refurbished Furniture

The project was designed by Kamal & Kavita - with a deep inclination toward art & so in all there is a reflection of creative art...

16 - Living Room.jpg

Inspired by a Fusion of Jazz & Indian Classical Music, this House Aims to Absorb the Culture it inhabits

The site is a narrow plot in a row-housing colony engulfed on three sides. The client's expectations were based on local trends...

Atrium 3.jpg

This House in Lucknow Aims to Find the Perfect Balance between Aesthetics and Functionality

The Golf Villa exhibits a lavish outline giving it a unique visual identity in a typical neighbourhood...

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