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The Digi-Collaborative Office

by ABM Architects

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Top Projects:

Beauregard (beautiful outlook) takes its name from the vantage point on which it is located and which offers distant views between the valleys of the Ille and Vilaine rivers. To fully appreciate this, one need only climb to the top of the residential building located at the Southern tip of the triangle of the new Cours des Arts designed by the architect from Rennes, a/LTA.


Heritage is this gamut of inherited objects, ideas, culture, and traditions. Not to be confused with preserving or restoring old things, values and ideas; It is often the collective of the tangible and intangible that has been passed on overtime. Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is a city known for its wealthy merchants that were once hosted to wealth from across the globe.

But the Great Depression of the 1920s’ led to their gradual downfall.


A residence whose design inspiration revolves around clients lifestyle and still evokes a sense of native Kerala’s vernacular architecture. Clients are both doctors who had envisioned their house to have spaces to entertain the friends and family yet maintaining the privacy of the household. Residence completed in 2019 has a total buildup area of 3900 sqft. 

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TDC Community:

Must see:

Haanji Art Festival by THEEART

Haanji is a platform that aims to promote collaborations amongst artists. This festival series Haanji by THEEART is about bringing an art dialogue with the locals where they can expose themselves to new ideas of creativity.

Editor's Pick


An Abode that Celebrates the Danish Concept of ‘Hygge’

This project celebrates the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, the art of creating intimacy. It is not necessarily an aesthetic but at its core is a celebration of simplicity, warmth, contentment and well-being. In its essence, this apartment is a restrained interpretation of luxury.

Bombay Rains - 02.JPG

Illustrating the City of Dreams

‘Living In Mumbai’ is an ongoing series of illustrations that aims to encapsulate the beauty of Mumbai’s suburban life in all it’s honesty. Having just moved here early last year, the landscape served to be a shock; physically and mentally.

Also Featuring:

Outhouse by Delhi Collective

 Within a farm stands an incomplete skeleton structure of a Pavilion amidst a lush green surrounding

An Eclectic Abode by Design Hex

A mixture of funk and vibrancy that maintains a distinct sense of class and elegance in this apartment.

Studio Nendo by Srishti Sindhu

A one of a kind ceramic studio that creates inspiring handmade and artisanal pottery that you wouldnt want to miss! 

Beauty From Waste by Tanisha Arora

Waste products come together to create a unique backdrop for the window display for this beauty salon!

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