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By d6thD Design Studio


Studio Matter Refurbishes this Old Goan Home into a Campus that Focuses on Learning by Making

Avik Sarkar, the founder of Thinkering goa, is an industrial designer. He envisaged a center where one can indulge in ‘learning by making’...

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Mysterious, Dark Architecture of this Michelin Guide Starred Restaurant  is a Treat to the Eye

This restaurant offers a mysterious and dark architecture that disappears in front of the forest setting. The 450m² building includes a room dedicated to gourmet..


Concrete Finished Walls and Bold Accent Colors Become this Highlight of the Cozy Apartment

The show apartment is designed for an exclusive 56-unit scheme located in Ahmedabad. The 2000 square foot open floor plan includes a combined...


Exquisite Hideaway Designed to Intertwine Harmoniously with its Natural Landscape

Stone Lodges, Private Residences are spread across a forested hillside. Built on sloping land on the side of a mountain, they are inspired by the...

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Perfect Encapsulation of Traditional English Cottage with Modern Twist for this Farmhouse

A perfect encapsulation of an English cottage, this farmhouse contrasts traditional elements of English architecture with modern touches...


Boutique Tile Studio in Bangalore Breaks Away from the Typical Showroom Design Stereotype

The building that houses this boutique tile studio showcases exposed brick cladding with its rustic, natural aura that provides the perfect mood for an...

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PYHT Creates Exceptional, Vernacular Farmhouse with Earth Walls & Passive Design Principles

The project is a 2000 square foot farmhouse located on two acres of land in Khadavli, Maharashtra. The design and architectural language...

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Gulshan Dynasty's Experience Centre in Noida, A Glimpse of Grandeur and Luxury that the Project Aims to Offer

This experience centre exhibits a glimpse of the grandeur and luxury of what the Gulshan Dynasty project would bring, incorporating some...


Traditional Meets Modern for this Gourmet Store Experience in Suburbs of Hyderabad

Brimming with an inviting appeal, the ambience elicits the feeling of subtleness and charm from the very first impression of the visitor...

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a/LTA Completed Les Hauts de Sevigne, the Construction of 40 Social Housing

The " Les Hauts de Sévigné " development project, led by the Launay Group, is located between the Rennes-Paris railroad line, the Route de Paris, and the

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This Boutique Restaurant Blends with Traditional Maharashtrian Décor with Modern Design Elements

Offering a balance between an inviting ambiance, soothing interiors with maximum seating capacity, this boutique restaurant blends traditional...


Mangrove Green Accentuates this Fashion Studio Depicting the Blend of Culture & Heritage

Qurbat is a fashion studio designed by Delhi-based Design studio Casa Flore led by architect Ankit Kathpal. “Qurbat” (The Studio) is an Urdu translation...


A-State-of-the-Art 40 Bed Advanced
Multi-Speciality Paediatric Hospital in Patiala

Situated in Patiala, Dr. Bharti's Medikidz Hospital is located at a prominent location in the city of Patiala.Designed by the architecture firm JB Architects...


Myriad of Frames Come Together for this Rustic-Inspired Contemporary Brick House

Multiple planes become clever architecture details for the ‘The Infinite Frames’ house in Surat that aims to find the right balance between built mass and the...


Venus Communiti, A Mixed-Use Co-Working & Co-Living Establishment Opens its Door in Bangalore

Located in an upcoming commercial area within the urban city of Bangalore, Venus Communiti is a mixed-use establishment that consists of coworking...


Studio Meraki Adds Pops of Color to the New Workwings
Co-Working Office
in Noida

The client’s intent for this buzzing co-working space was to add value to the already existing linear workplace. There was an utmost need to cater to...


This Multipurpose Facility Provides Livelihood and Support to Women from Over 9 Districts of Gujarat

The Kamala cafe, a self-sustaining facility nurtured through the Self Employed Women’s Association(SEWA) Foundation, supports women across the city...

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Regional & Contemporary Elements Harmoniously Blends for  Club Mahindra Resort in Kerala

Club Mahindra's new waterfront resort is aligned on the banks of the Lake Ashtamudi, in Kollam District. The beautiful natural setting, beautiful...


Neo-Classical Interiors Mixed with Luxurious & Timeless Decor
that Exudes a
Classic Feel

This property is spread over 3 acres of land and sub-divided into ground and basement floors. A play of levels is evident in the architectural vocabular...


Loop Design Studio Creates an Experimental Paradox in the Brutalist Context of Chandigarh 

Tulum Jungle Rooftop is an experimental paradox in the brutalist context of Chandigarh. Design by Loop Design Studio is a rooftop restaurant that offers...


Book Dealer's Office Uses Pragmatic Architecture Principles to Create a Design Language

The project is a beginning of an iterative process to understand how the role of pragmatic architecture principles for directionality, axis, and...

Top in Architecture & Interior Design


Marcial Jesus

Architect, Founder,

100 Architects

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-27 at 5.49.57 PM.jpeg

Naman Shah

Architect, Founder,

Sfera Blu Architects


100 Architects is a Shanghai based firm that specializes in street architecture, urban interventions, and architectural objects that encourage social dynamics through the creation of human-scale landmarks. Their work stands out with an incredible portfolio of impactful urban spaces that you might not have seen before. Curious to learn more about the practice and its approach, we asked its founder Marcial Jesus to answer some questions.

We sat down with architect Naman Shah, founder of the Ahmedabad-based architecture, design and planning firm Sfera Blu Architects, a notable voice in resource sensitive and sustainable design. The firm has quickly made a mark for itself by producing cutting edge projects by integrating design and technology with an environmentally conscious approach. In this interview, Naman discusses his practice and how sustainable architecture is progressing in the Indian market.

Editor's Pick

This School Building's Colorful, Triangular Fins are Reminiscent of Decorative Pennant Flags

How amazing it would be if you could jump & touch a rainbow? “Udaan” aspires...


This Shipping Container Turned into a Tiny Vacation Home with a Boat Shaped Roof

The clients design brief was to create a micro-residence comfortable enough for a...


Godrej South Estate's Captivating Experience Centre in New Delhi Features Fluid Curved Plates

The Godrej South Estate Experience Centre for Godrej properties...

IAAD Godrej Okhla 20 01 29 © Noughts and Crosses 035.jpg

This House Effectively Illustrates Contemporary Vernacular Vocabulary

Situated in the traditional town scale context of ‘Meta’, this bungalow...


Stripy Rammed-Earth Walls Curve Through this Ahmedabad Home that Embodies Sustainable Design

Meethi and Mishti, three and nine years of age respectively became...


A Sustainable Store in Ahmedabad is

All About the Love

for Organic and Natural

The retail identity of the new Farm se India store and its future franchises was...


Arts, Culture & Design

7. FLESH Series- Laceration.jpeg



A Minimalist Geometric Home Inspired by the Concept of Modern Simplicity

Aavarna , the Sanskrit denotation of the word Shapes, is an architectural vision to this single-dwelling bungalow. This abode is a simple longitute rectangle...


Serene Home in Pune Symbolises the Harmonious Convergence of Polarities

‘Casa Tao’, is a reflection of the fact that a single home can be a harmonious convergence of polarities, a space where two distinct styles come...

2021-01-NACL CornerView-149-edit-min.jpg

Bold Colors & Textures Infuse Spaces of this Home in Bandra with Energy, Freshness & Warmth

This lavish home located in Bandra, Mumbai has been designed for a couple and their teenage daughter who made a decision to live closer to the sea...


Myriad of Frames Come Together for this Rustic-Inspired Contemporary Brick House

Multiple planes become clever architecture details for the ‘The Infinite Frames’ house in Surat that aims to find the right balance between built mass...

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This House by Vcreate Designs Etches to Life a Nuclear Family's Residence in the Heart of Mumbai

A sequestered two-bedroom Mumbai apartment lends its canvas to a nuclear family in the plush residential neighborhood of...


This Apartment in Ahmednagar Embraces a Tranquil Mix of Pastel Tones and Natural Finishes

Serenity signifies peace, which is central theme of this apartment. Every aspect of the design for tranquil abode aligns with the theme of...

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Simple and Beautiful Home in Thrissur Nestled Amidst Beautiful Mango Trees 

Set in the semi-urban context of the famed Kodungallur town, this residence was designed for a client based in Dubai whose primary wish was for...

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This House in Vietnam Uses Exposed Bricks and Fish Scale Tiles Encompassed Between 4 Verandahs 

An ode to the verandah and the emotional response it resonates, this house in Vietnam uses recycled materials to create an abode that is a treat...

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This Bangalore Home Serves as a Classic Example of
Simplicity and Sophistication

This project was conceptualized with the desire of the family to have a home that strikes the perfect balance between modern and classic décor...

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This Family Retreat Offers Calming Views of the Picturesque Sahyadri Mountain Ranges

A retreat for a retired couple and family as a respite from the chaos of the concrete jungles in the city. Though the plot was half an acre, most of it was steep...


Studio Bipolar Designs a Bright, Luxurious and
Modern Paradise in Gurugram

How would you want your dream home to look like? Maybe something bright or minimalist? A comfy-chic home is a dream come true for every young couple...

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