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By Shanmugam Associates

Top in Architecture & Interior Design


This Weekend House Amidst Auroville’s Red Earth Features Indo-French Architecture and Rustic Tones

Situated near Auroville International Township, this weekend house seamlessly amalgamates local Indo-French architecture with a contemporary yet earthy design...


AR13 Designs their Studio as an Evolving Space of Creative Exploration Amid Vadodara’s Urban Fabric

Situated within Vadodara's urban fabric, this east-facing rectangular plot spans 2600 square feet and adjoins open plots on the west and..

I (18)-min.jpg

This Minimal Architect’s Office in Calicut is a Space that Fosters Creativity and Collaboration

This Office goes beyond being a mere workspace; it is a manifestation of an architect's persona and deepest desires. Functioning as a "man cave” it serves as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration and relaxation...


Blurring the Lines: Artystry’s Nature-Inspired Office Expansion for Cybrosys in Calicut

This office project of Cybrosys features a thriving and dynamic work environment that balances functionality with aesthetics. This expansion project features an..


NSAD Combines Modern Elements & Traditional Design Using Bespoke Furniture against a Muted Backdrop

The Play•ball House is a 1200 Square feet home designed for a young couple in Ahmedabad. Inspired by their playful lifestyle the design merges modern elements with their cultural beliefs...


This Minimalist Lifestyle Store and Café in Ahmedabad Embraces “Less is More” Philosophy

The concept of "less is more" has been taken to heart in the design of Mitti, a new sustainable lifestyle store and cafe in Ahmedabad...


Studio A+S Creates a Sustainable Culinary Sanctuary in Surat that Embraces the Zero Waste Philosophy

This new restaurant project in Surat centred around the concept of zero food wastage, not only fulfils culinary cravings but also serves as a symbol of sustainability...

DSC00823 copy.jpg

Parle’s Chennai Office uses Swiveling Wooden Biscuit Sets as a Representation of their Identity

Parle, a renowned Indian food brand recently unveiled its new office space in Chennai, designed with careful consideration of the brand's identity...


This workspace in Ahmedabad is a Minimalist Haven with Warm Neutral Tones and Clutter-Free Design

'Verticale' is an expansive workspace thoughtfully crafted for a builder that embraces...


Adda 1522 Revives the Retro Charm of Bangalore while Gracefully Preserving its Timeless Heritage

Adda 1522, a meticulously designed space which serves as a captivating ode to the timeless...


This Project in Pune Blends Warm Hues and Minimalism with Nature to Evoke a Sense of Nordic Serenity

In a world often filled with excess, this architectural marvel offers a refreshing minimal departure. Designed for those embracing a simpler and slower life, the interiors radiate purity and refinement...


Global Gourmetz New Office in Bengaluru Features a Live Kitchen as its Star Attraction

The Global Gourmetz Office, designed by The Line Studio in Bengaluru, is a perfect example of...

39. Drone Shot.jpg

The Chlorophyll Estate, a Luxurious Vacation Rental Property Amidst Nature's Embrace on the Outskirts of Mumbai

Nestled on a three -acre organic farm amidst serene greenery on the outskirts of Mumbai's, this vacation rental property embodies the...


This Standout Industrial Restaurant ‘Jus-Grill’ is Designed with a Middle Eastern Flair in Kerala

JusGril is a Middle Eastern Cuisine in Malappuram with a Striking Design and Relaxed Atmosphere...


Russian Restaurant Chain Tanuki Blends Minimalism & Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic Embracing Japanese Influence

Tanuki, the Russian restaurant chain embraces the essence of Japanese culture in its redesigned flagship restaurant....


Tessellated Forms Become the Highlight Feature of this Developer’s Office in Bengaluru

Nestled in the upscale locality of Bengaluru, the structure expresses itself with a sense of calculated subtlety and unwavering confidence...


Chennai-Based Cafe's Stunning Transformation into a Contemporary Store with Subtle Pastel Accents

This unique café-store embodies the modern trend of minimalist and visually appealing interiors...

Editor's Pick

Luxury and Nature Converge at Captivating Heights in Ahmedabad's Residential Avenue Skydeck Select

Luxury and Nature Converge at Captivating Heights in Ahmedabad's Residential Avenue Skydeck Select..

DSC_0602 (1).jpg

Sky 11 Creates a feeling of Serenity in the Middle of Ahmedabad’s Urban Rhythm..

Nestled within the urban fabric of Ahmedabad this project features a..


This Newly Expanded Hospital in Varanasi Re-invents Community Healthcare & Wellness

Originally established in 1977 as a family-run practice specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, Aashirwad Hospital has..

Ashirwad Hospital by VGA 1.jpg

Ahmedabad Gets a Vibrant Restaurant Tactfully Designed to Foster Interaction and Initiate Dialogue

Table Tales is a vibrant eatery concept centred around fostering effortless interaction..


Cosy Box Brings Glamour and Charm from Cannes to New Delhi's Old Golden Mile

Nestled amongst nature, each corner of the restaurant is an ode to the capital’s regal roots ..

Cosy box17-min.jpg

A 100-year Old Ancestral Home in Kerala is Sustained with a Hint of  Subtle Modern Touch

This century-old ancestral home was restored to preserve its traditional form while incorporating..

Pullolickel Veedu_Kottayam_72-min.jpg

The Orange Yarn, a Transformative Office Space that Weaves Tranquility & Inspiration in its Design

In the heart of the bustling textile trade, project 'The Orange Yarn' emerges..


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Gurjeet Singh

Top Residences

the dining table is a custom set where we made dining table with wooden top, for comfort a

Modern Minimalism Meets Soft Textures to Create Relaxing Interiors in this Mumbai-based Home 

The Blue Door is a dream home designed for a family of three in the suburbs of Mumbai. Complemented by a soft textured edge with a contemporary and minimal aesthetic, this..


Atelier-108 Weaves Inspiring Story of a Young Golfer into an Intimate & Dynamic Home in Bengaluru

Residence B902, located in Bangalore is a testament to the personal journey and eclectic charm..

01 Exterior.jpg

Stance Spaces Designs an Exquisite Light-filled Villa within a Serene Gated Community in Bangalore

Nestled within a peaceful and gated community, this elegant villa features refined interiors and abundant natural light which offers a serene and sophisticated lifestyle..


This Luxurious Home in Indore Features an Orderly vibe with Clean Lines and Pops of Bold Colours

'D-Ornate' revolves around the primary goal to seamlessly blend sleek aesthetics, functional...

01 Nilaya - UnBox Design.jpg

This House in Faridabad Showcases Traditional Craftsmanship with a Nature Inspired Colour Palette

The fusion of traditional Indian craftsmanship and modern design is a trend that has taken the design world by storm...


The Interior Makeover of this House in Jaipur Embraces a Harmonious Blend of Minimalism & Modernism

This renovation project is a stunning fusion of minimalism, contemporary aesthetics and...


This House in Mumbai is Designed to Represent an Abode that Fosters a Sense of Warmth and Happiness

The Nest, a two-bedroom apartment nestled in Mumbai's suburbs is a testament to the seamless blend of design and functionality....


This House in Chennai Traits a Thoughtful Blend of Traditional South Indian & Modern Design Elements

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Chennai lies a remarkable three-bedroom house that seamlessly marries the rich tapestry..


This Richly Textured, Tranquil Apartment in Pune is as Luxurious as it is Calming

Apartment 203 in Pune is a luxurious home that exudes contemporary design while reflecting the lifestyle of a modern Indian family....


Creating a Minimalist Haven in Mumbai that Features Calm, Open and Functional Spaces

The vision for this Mumbai apartment was to create a serene, well-lit, and functionally open space...


SAGI Architects Build an Earthy Weekend Home in the City of Khopoli Inspired by Local Architecture

Sienna House, a captivating weekend retreat nestled in the suburbs of Mumbai stands as a testament to harmonious coexistence with nature....

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